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Chia Chatter

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Chia seeds are causing a lot of chatter these days, and it’s easy to see why. Of course, not just any chia will do. You’ll want to use USDA Certified Organic chia to ensure that you’re getting the most pure chia possible—with no toxins, GMOs, etc.  

Now, back to the chia chatter . . .

For starters, chia seeds are greatly valued for their healthy weight and balanced blood sugar benefits, but they’re also packed with nutrients such as omega-3s, fiber, protein, calcium and more.

In fact, here are some reasons why there’s such a buzz about chia seeds. They:

  • support cardiovascular health with their abundant omega-3s.
  • support healthy blood sugar by slowing down the rate at which carbs are digested and assimilated in the body.
  • energize you with their balanced blend of protein, fats, fiber and low carbs.
  • support healthy inflammation levels—again due to those wonderful omega-3s.
  • assist with keeping a healthy weight by boosting metabolism and promoting lean muscle mass.
  • are detoxifiers and help with elimination, due to their healthy fiber content.
  • provide a source of high-quality protein—since chia is about 20 percent protein—while providing strontium, which acts to assimilate protein in the body and to give high energy levels.
  • are packed with antioxidants—even more antioxidants than fresh blueberries can offer.
  • support healthy brain power by making cell membranes more flexible and nerve transmission more efficient, thereby supporting memory and concentration.
  • contain other important nutrients, including iron, calcium, niacin, magnesium and zinc.

And all of this comes in chia’s “bite-sized, small packaging.”

For example, if you’re looking to get more omega-3s in your diet, then prepare yourself to be impressed:  a mere 3½ tablespoons of chia seeds contain as many omega-3s as 32 ounces of salmon. Likewise, those same 3½ tablespoons of chia seeds will nearly bring you to the line when it comes to the amount of fiber you need daily.

Pretty amazing, huh? I think so.

Added to chia seeds’ health benefits and nutritional value is chia’s versatility in how it can be used. It can be ground into flour and used for baking;  sprouted and used in salads or sandwiches; served in beverages, including smoothies; soaked and used as a base for delicious and healthy puddings; sprinkled on healthy breakfast cereals such as quinoa or in soups; and added to probiotic-rich yogurt. There’s even a Mexican recipe in which chia seeds are mixed with water and a little bit of lime or lemon juice to make a beverage called “chia fresca.”

The truth is that you can use chia seeds just about any way you like, while still getting all the benefits.

An added bonus is that chia seeds last in your refrigerator or your pantry for long periods of time without going bad. That way you can have chia on hand whenever you need it.

You see? It’s no wonder there’s so much positive chia chatter.


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