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October is Non-GMO month, so we caught up with Jeffrey M. Smith, a leader in the Non-GMO movement. He is the head of the Institute for Responsible Technology, or IRT ( An internationally acclaimed filmmaker and author, his first book, Seeds of Deception, made him the world's foremost consumer advocate for non-GMO choices. And by avoiding GMOs, you can actively force them out of our food supply. You can follow Jeffrey on Twitter @JeffreyMSmith for updates or visit the IRT on Facebook at:

Here’s what Jeffrey had to say to help bring us up to speed on GMOs:

In the U.S., the anti-GMO movement has reached new levels to create a tipping point of consumer rejection. In fact, we’re approaching the most critical stage in our anti-GMO movement that I’ve seen in my 17 years working in this issue.

Our Institute for Responsible Technology (IRT) has launched a campaign to achieve the tipping point, in which a sufficient number of shoppers in the U.S. avoid genetically modified (GM) ingredients—making GMOs a marketing liability for food companies. A consumer tipping point kicked GMOs out of Europe 10+ years ago, and pushed GM bovine growth hormone (rbGH) out of most American dairies. In both cases, consumer concern about the health impacts were the driving force moving the market. Therefore, IRT’s educational materials focus primarily on why to avoid GMOs and how. For instance, you can check out the Non-GMO Shopping Guide at:

Since U.S. food companies don’t gain any advantage from using GM ingredients, even a small dip in market share tells them it’s time to replace GM ingredients. The U.S. food industry has reached the stage we call “Awake and Scramble.” They wake up to the fact that anti-GMO movement must be taken seriously and is gaining momentum; then they realize if they don’t act immediately to secure a supply, their competitors who do become non-GMO may gain more market share.

The next stage in the tipping point against GMOs starts this year. We call it “The Battle for Market Share.” Some mainstream conventional brands have already enrolled products in the Non-GMO Project and are planning to announce that soon.

If the non-GMO products erode the market share of the GMO-laden competitor, then the tipping point will follow—a full clean out of GMO direct derivatives from the U.S. food industry. That’s why IRT has a massive campaign to win this “battle for market share.”

Please visit our website at to participate in this world-changing endeavor by making donations, being trained as speakers, to subscribe to our newsletter and much more. 

The best way to learn about GMOs is the movie Genetic Roulette—The Gamble of Our Lives ( Most viewers change their diet immediately.


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