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Issue 17: PWA Family Makeover--the Scoggins

The PWA Family Makeover: The Scoggins

Whenever Jordan and the tour bus rolls into town, the word is put out: “Is there a family that has some health challenges that could be helped by following the Perfect Weight America plan? If they’re at a point where they’re ready to reach their perfect weight, then we’re willing to help out.”

And help out they do! Connie Bogner, the project coordinator for Perfect Weight America: Family Edition says “This is better than hitting the lotto for these families. These benefits make it possible for them to undergo a total health makeover. Besides having my support, they also have the Perfect Weight America website,, which has great support tools available to everyone, such as the option to get text messages sent to their phone reminding them to drink water or take their fücoTHIN.”

Meet the Scoggin Family:

Residence: Broken Arrow, Oklahoma

Vital statistics at the start of the Perfect Weight Makeover:
• Larry, 62, weighs 262
• Sue, 62, weighs 164
• daughter Lisa Swift, 38, weighs 225
• another daughter, Jennifer Smith, 35, weighs 180

Makeover goals: Five years ago, Larry underwent a coronary artery six-bypass surgery, and today he has high blood pressure for which he must take medication. Obviously concerned about his health—doctors also say he’s pre-diabetic—Larry would like to lose 70 pounds. Sue would like to lose 10-15 pounds. Their daughters Lisa and Jennifer would like to reach their perfect weight after they start eating healthier.

Quote from Sue Scoggin: “I work a great deal, so many evenings we go out to eat, and that’s been our problem. Instead of eating to live, we’ve been living to eat. We’ve also done a lot of emotional eating in the past, so when something negative happens in our lives, we think that going out and eating a big meal will make us feel better, but that never happens. Now I’m willing to stay home and cooking something healthy and organic.”


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