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Issue 53: Five Tips to Lead Your Children to Better Health

Extraordinary Health partner, Wendie Pett, is a mother, fitness expert, and author of Every Woman’s Guide to Personal Power and co-author of The Miracle Seven. She trains people individually and conducts seminars to corporate groups to help teach others how to maximize their wellness through the balance of mind, body, and spirit. For more information on Wendie visit

Remember the phrase, “Do as I say, not as I do?” Perhaps you heard this phrase growing up. But let’s face it, our kids are more apt to do what we do, not just what we say. In light of this, I would like to take a different angle on the phrase and challenge you to “do as you would like your children to do”—especially when it comes to exercise. Many of us may be lacking in this area and, since studies indicate that the average child responds better by mimicking rather than listening, it is an important area of health in which parents can lead by example.

So, how’s it going in your household? Are you setting the example that will carry your kids into adulthood ingrained with good fitness habits and overall wellness? I hope so, because you are the living example of what overall health and wellness looks like to your children. With 64 percent of Americans being overweight (with those numbers increasing), there is no better time than the present to act.

I had to learn this the hard way. My parents are wonderful people who have encouraged me over the years to follow my heart and to lead a purposeful life. I want to be like them in this way—encouragers who believe in their kids. I find it interesting, however, that while they were amazing encouragers, they often missed the opportunity to demonstrate to me how to best take care of myself.

It took me years to discover, educate, and re-program my mind on how to maximize my health. Fortunately, I have never been overweight and I have always enjoyed physical fitness. What drove me to becoming more proactive with my health, however, was a devastating accident and skyrocketing cholesterol levels, which I believe were due to consuming an overabundance of fried foods at every meal while growing up.

What I have learned is that it is our responsibility as parents to provide our children with the proper wellness tools in order to grow into healthy, highly functioning adults. After all, we do the grocery shopping and determine what activities our kids participate in. We also establish how long our children are allowed to be sedentary in front of the energy-sucking television or playing computer games.

But those parameters don’t just go for your kids. The same goes for you. You deserve the proper wellness tools, too, so you can have the energy and strength to be able to successfully tackle all of life’s demands.

And if you’re not where you want to be health-wise, then there is no better time than now to start a program that works for you and your family. There are many ways to start a healthier lifestyle as a family, but here are some suggestions:

  • Make eating healthy a family goal, getting everyone on board with the plan. 
  • Throw out any and all junk food you have in the house. 
  • Stay away from fast food restaurants. 
  • Avoid prepared processed foods. Shop the outer perimeter of your grocery store for fresh, whole foods.
  • Commit to doing exercise together as a family—and make it fun.   

Considering the hectic schedules we keep, you may be thinking this is all impossible. But, with your commitment to setting the example of self-care for your children, you can set aside time in each day or almost every day to set the tone for wellness and a healthier lifestyle. Even the smallest changes will make a big difference. And, what a gift you will be giving your children.

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