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Issue 116: Dr. Sharyn Wynters

In the 1960s when Sharyn Wynters began her acting career as Cat Girl on the campy Batman television series, she helped the Caped Crusaders fight crime and had few worries unless someone accidentally stepped on her tail. With frequent guest appearances on shows such as Rockford Files, Police Story, and Kojak, as well as appearing in films such as Odd Couple and West World, everything seemed to be going her way until she developed life-threatening health problems that sidelined her career.

Viewing her setback as a “health opportunity,” Wynters had a chance to study with renowned physician Dr. William Donald Kelley, who convinced her that daily exposure to toxins was responsible for her deteriorating health. Wynters immediately turned her life upside down by throwing out toxic cosmetics and household cleaners, replacing her mercury laced dental fillings, and completely changing her diet by eliminating processed foods. Her new obsession with health became her passion and resulted in her becoming a naturopathic doctor and writing a book about toxins that culminated after 37 years of research.

Wynters’ book, SURVIVE: A Family Guide to Thriving in a Toxic World, is being heralded as a comprehensive reference guide that details how to avoid toxins and contaminants that have invaded the environment, our households and every surface on the planet. The book covers everything from electromagnetic contaminants to toxins in personal care products, clothing, cleaning solutions, cookware, building materials, medical procedures and even toxins resulting from negative thoughts and emotions.

“The book is a wake up call!” says Wynters. “We’ve all seen books about the dangers of toxins in cosmetics or household products, but I realized that no one had put it all together in a reference book like this, so that’s why it took me 37 years of research and three years to write it!”

In the book, Wynters exposes chemicals she believes are harmful in everything from baby wipes to Botox and offers alternative choices in an extensive resource guide. She also has plenty of advice for travelers, gleaned from her years of criss-crossing the globe to attend conferences and seminars where she is a popular motivational speaker.

“Before my flight, I always coat the lining of my nose with organic almond, jojoba or olive oil because the cabin air is so dry,” explains Wynters. “This keeps your nose from getting dry during the flight and also provides extra protection from germs in the recirculated air.”

Wynters also avoids eating in airports or train stations because she believes they are the most likely spots to have irradiated food, whether it’s from restaurants or vending machines. Instead, she seeks out raw or vegan restaurants when she arrives at her destination and is always able to find healthy options when she’s on the road. She also sticks to a raw food diet when she’s at home and even won over her family by preparing a raw lasagna dinner for Christmas last year.

“I’ve been following a raw diet most of the time for more than 30 years, but I realize not everyone does,” she says. “So I was surprised when everyone raved about my raw lasagna and wanted the recipe. Most people can’t believe that raw food can be so good!”

Wynters hopes the book will inspire others to make positive changes that will lead to a healthier lifestyle. Her book can be found through Barnes & Noble, Amazon, or on her website at where you can get an autographed copy.


This information is intended for educational and informational purposes only. It should not be used in place of an individual consultation or examination or replace the advice of your health care professional and should not be relied upon to determine diagnosis or course of treatment.

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