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An Ounce of Prevention

An Ounce of Prevention

By now you probably know that chia seeds and flaxseeds are incredibly good for you—especially USDA Certified Organic chia seeds and flaxseeds.

For starters, both chia seeds and flaxseeds provide rich plant sources of omega-3 fatty acids. Omega-3s, of course, support healthy inflammation levels, cardiovascular health, eye health, brain power, healthy skin, hair and nails—plus additional benefits. What’s more is that our bodies can’t make omega-3s, so they have to come from our diet. We need ample amounts of them, too, because omega-3s are the impetus behind making new cells and regulating a variety of processes in the body. Unfortunately, however, most people don’t get enough omega-3s from their diet, but the good news is that just one ounce of either chia seeds or flaxseeds provides healthy amounts of plant-based omega-3s. 

But that’s not all that these tiny seeds contribute. Chia and flax also contain protein, vitamins and minerals, including iron, zinc, potassium, calcium and magnesium. Incidentally, we don’t always hear a lot about magnesium, but it’s needed by every cell in the body and for over 300 bodily biochemical reactions. The problem is that 60 percent to 80 percent of us don’t get enough magnesium in our diets. Fortunately, these amazing seeds can help solve the magnesium shortfall we generally experience.

Additionally, chia seeds and flaxseeds are packed with antioxidants, which are powerhouses that take destructive free radicals and convert them to harmless waste products that the body can eliminate before any damage is done. In short, antioxidants act as scavengers to help keep the body’s cells, tissues and overall health intact. Likewise, chia and flax support healthy levels of inflammation for a healthier you. To top it all off, chia seeds and flaxseeds have no cholesterol, almost no sodium and are packed with healthy digestion-supporting fiber—both soluble and insoluble fiber. That’s a good thing, too, since most of us typically get only about half the fiber we should each day.

And while all of these benefits to chia seeds and flaxseeds are amazing, you’ll want to be sure that you choose USDA Certified Organic chia seeds and flaxseeds. Why USDA Certified Organic? Simply put, unless your chia seeds and flaxseeds are USDA Certified Organic—ensuring at least 95 percent organic content—then you’re probably getting toxins such as pesticides, GMOs and more. And if chia seeds and flaxseeds—or any other products, for that matter—start by being grown with pesticides or other toxins, then those impurities ultimately get to you. And no one wants that.

The truth is that USDA Certified Organic is the assurance you can count for purity, due to the numerous standards and checkpoints in place every step along the way.

Now, take a look at what you get from an ounce of chia seeds and an ounce of flaxseeds:

Ounce per ounce, chia seeds provide more:

  • omega-3 fatty acids than salmon.

  • antioxidants than blueberries.

  • calcium than milk.

  • magnesium than broccoli.

  • iron than raw spinach.

  • potassium than bananas.

Likewise, one ounce of flaxseeds provides:

  • lignans, which are plant-based compounds that support cellular and hormonal health. In fact, flaxseeds provide 75 to 800 times more lignans than other types of plant foods. That makes flaxseeds the number one source of lignans among all the foods we eat.

  • omega-3 fatty acids—in a healthy dose of 6,388mg of total omega-3 fatty acids, making it a top-ranking plant source of omega-3s.

  • protein—a substantial 5 grams or 12 percent of your Daily Value (DV). 

  • fiber—a whopping 8 grams or 31 percent of your Daily Value (DV).

  • magnesium—to the tune of 114mg or 27 percent of your Daily Value (DV).

Now you know how an ounce of prevention can lead to a pound of cure. So, start adding at least an ounce of USDA Certified Organic chia seeds and flaxseeds to your healthy diet—today! 


This information is intended for educational and informational purposes only. It should not be used in place of an individual consultation or examination or replace the advice of your health care professional and should not be relied upon to determine diagnosis or course of treatment.

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