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Issue 17: "Go Ahead and Skip the Workout..." Part Two

Wendie Pett says, “Go Ahead, Skip the Gym Workout Today—and Tomorrow!”

Last week’s edition posed the questions, “Having trouble finding time to exercise?” “Don’t like to break a sweat?”

 Then Wendie Pett’s “7x11” Visibly Fit exercise program could be just right for you.
Here’s a recap of last week’s article:

The Daily Moves plan was developed by nationally recognized fitness expert Wendie Pett (check out her website at, who says the routine is based on core foundational exercises that she discovered after a major injury to her shoulder. As a result of the injury, Wendie resorted to body weight resistance exercises for strength and healing, and she hasn’t turned back to any other form of training since. According to Wendie, you can expect to see results in as little as three weeks with this program.

The 7x11 Daily Moves means performing seven core exercises twice a day: once any time before 11 a.m. and a second time anytime before 11 p.m. The exercises are meant to be done in short durations with very slow and controlled movements. Wendie says these exercises can be done anywhere and in any type of clothing, which means they work well for busy moms with children in the house, for women who work in an office, and for those who travel for their jobs. In any case, the best news is that you don’t need to visit a gym or fitness center to complete a series of 7x11 Daily Moves.

What do the Daily Moves look like? Here is a short description:

1. Full Range Pectoral Contraction: works the chest, upper back, shoulders and arms.
2. Deltoid (Shoulder) Roll: works the chest, upper back, shoulders, biceps, triceps and forearms.
3. Wrist Twist Triceps Contraction: works triceps (the back of the arms).
4. High Reach: works shoulders, arms, upper back (lats), and abdominal muscles.
5. One Arm Chin: works shoulders, arms, upper back (lats), and abdominal muscles.
6. Abdominal Contraction and Pull In: works the abs and low back.
7. Half Knee Bend: works legs (quads and hamstrings) and glutes.

All these movements are demonstrated by Wendie on her 7x11 Daily Moves DVD and take about 15 to 20 minutes to complete. Since each move can be completed in about two or three minutes, all you need to do is take a few minutes from your busy schedule several times throughout the day whenever you can, wherever you are, to get through the exercises twice daily.  Before you know it, you’ll get all the Daily Moves completed without having to devote a large chunk of time to exercising.
“This is a realistic way for women who can’t seem to find the time to exercise to stay in shape,” says Wendie. What is ideal about 7x11 Daily Moves is that it helps extend your health and youthfulness without fad diets, and you can make it happen any time, any place because these are routines built around easy techniques. You can even do these exercises in your business clothes.  According to Wendie, “no matter what shape you are in, these daily exercises can get you on track to being in the best shape of your life.”

Resources from Wendie Pett
You can learn the exact methods you need to shed unwanted fat by letting Wendie Pett show you how to achieve a healthier, leaner, and more sculpted body through her book, Every Woman’s Guide to Personal Power, and a DVD, 7x11 Daily Moves. The book and DVD contain an explanation as self-resistant exercises as well as demonstrations of Wendie’s Daily Moves program, which requires less time than it takes to drive to the gym and change into exercise clothes. These exercises do not require a gym or expensive equipment, and they can be done anytime in the comfort and privacy of home.


This information is intended for educational and informational purposes only. It should not be used in place of an individual consultation or examination or replace the advice of your health care professional and should not be relied upon to determine diagnosis or course of treatment.

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