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From Jordan's Desk--Boom... Boom... Pow!

I’m not talking about the song from Black Eyed Peas here. I’m talking white sugar and white flour. Together, they pack a one-two punch that can damage your kids’ health and your health.

I recently saw a survey that said 70% of polled six-to-eight-year-olds believe that fast foods are more nutritious than healthy, home-cooked foods. It’s no wonder kids think that way, though. Studies show that ads targeted to kids 12 and under lead them to request and consume high-calorie, low-nutrient products like soft drinks and sodas, sweets, salty snacks and fast food.

Kids sure are buying up and eating this stuff at an alarming rate, too. In fact, these high sugar and flour products add up to more than one-third of our kids’ daily calories. That’s about one full meal (plus a little more) made up solely of junk food!

Kids and teens are even spending their own discretionary money on these unhealthy snacks and drinks. During one particular year, kids aged 7-12 spent $2.3 billion—and teens spent a whopping $58 billion—on unhealthy, high-sugar snack products.

It doesn’t stop with our kids, either. About 100 years ago, an average American ate about 63 pounds of sugar a year. Now, the average American consumes about 170 pounds of sugar per year. It all adds up, too, especially when just one 12-ounce can of soda has 10 or more teaspoons of sugar in it.

Speaking of soda…did you know that an average male teen drinks 868 cans of soda a year? That’s 540 cups of sugar—and that doesn’t even include the other types of sugary junk foods our kids and teens eat.

The truth is that we’re not made to put that kind of stuff, particularly the evil twins of white sugar and white flour, in our bodies. They cause all sorts of problems, including increased unhealth, accelerated aging, unhealthy weight, as well as immune system, blood sugar, blood fat, blood pressure, mental, bone, heart and cellular unhealth. 

Interestingly, some of these unhealthy effects are immediate, but some effects might not show up until 20 years later. That’s not a bright future. In the meantime, though, our kids are getting fatter and unhealthier by the day.

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) says that the proportion of overweight kids ages 6-11 has more than doubled—and overweight adolescents has tripled—since 1980. It’s a cycle that sets kids up for a lifetime of weight problems and ill health, since statistics indicate that about 80% of overweight teens become obese adults.

It doesn’t have to be that way, though. The first step is to lose the boom boom pow effects of white sugar and flour in the diet. Instead, you gotta get get organic veggies and fruits, organic popcorn, raw, organic nuts and seeds, organic yogurt and cheeses—for starters. 

By the way, black-eyed peas—the food, that is—are pretty good for you, too.


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