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From Jordan's Desk: Burnin' Time

Burnin Time

Time has a way of sneaking up on all of us, but for Donna Gates, it seems that time has stood still. If you’ve ever met Donna—whose energy levels are through the roof—you’d swear that she’s a woman in her 40s if you didn’t know better. The thing is that Donna is 65 years old, a mother of three and a grandmother. She must be doing something right, huh? As a matter of fact, she is, and now she wants to share her secrets to healthy aging with you.

You may already recognize Donna’s name from her best-selling book The Body Ecology Diet. Now, after five years of research, Donna has compiled a comprehensive book on healthy aging called The Baby Boomer Diet: Anti-Aging Wisdom for Every Generation.

While Donna’s newest book certainly is pertinent to all generations, I think it’s fitting that she calls this the Baby Boomer Diet. After all, Donna is a Baby Boomer—and there’s a lot to be said about this amazing generation. Representing approximately 76 million people in our population, Baby Boomers are the single largest demographic in existence today and include people born during the years 1946 to 1964. Although it is difficult to generalize about any demographic, as a group the Boomers have blazed a trail as the healthiest, wealthiest, most counter-cultural, independent, well-educated and non-traditional generation ever—compared with generations past.

Additionally, Boomers genuinely believe the world improves with time, which is an optimistic outlook despite their pessimism toward status quo. Boomers see themselves as a differentiated generation. They're world changers who are destined and driven to make a difference in the remodeling of society. Described as a “shockwave” or the “pig in the python” due to their sheer numbers and vast reach, Boomers represent a demographic majority to be heard and reckoned with.

You can bet that this  “forever young” generation is evaluating just what it means to age gracefully—or more likely, they are going to fight aging with everything they have. Never ones to just sit around and let things happen, Boomers could be the first generation to set a new standard in age management. That alone could pave the way for how future generations age, since time marches on for everyone, whether young or old. How you face the effects of time and aging begins today, however, with your dietary and lifestyle choices—and Donna has captured that and is living it.

That’s why I’m excited to tell you about Donna’s new book. It’s a fascinating blend of breakthrough medical information and practical health advice that is relevant for readers of any age. In her book Donna shares ways to transform the passion you have for life when you wake up in the morning, the energy you have throughout the day and even the way you will look in the next decade. Additionally, you will discover steps to maximize energy levels and mental clarity as well as what superfoods can make a super you.

And then there’s what we’ve all been waiting for . . . how in the world has Donna managed to stay so young? Believe me, she’s taken the gloves off in her fight against Father Time. And from what I know about Donna, I’m betting on her to win.

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