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Issue 169: Dr. Oz: Keep Bones Strong

Dr Oz: Keep Bones Strong

He’s “America’s Doctor,” and as a Harvard-trained surgeon, he knows what he’s talking about. So, when Dr. Oz recently featured a marine algae calcium on his show, millions watched, listened and found renewed hope. Hailing from the shores of South America, this one-of-a kind, organic plant-based calcium is highly absorbable to slow down aging of your bones and to keep you strong and “walking tall until you’re 90 or 100,” says Dr. Oz.

Simply put, the debilitating bone bandit—osteoporosis—may have met its match in this amazing marine algae calcium supplement. Taken as directed, it can “increase bone density after only six months,”  Oz states.

That’s a big deal, too, because presently there are more than 40 million people in the United States who either already have osteoporosis or are at high risk for it due to low bone mass—a number that is projected to increase. Unfortunately, by 2020, one in two Americans over the age of 50 is expected to have osteoporosis or be at risk for developing osteoporosis of the hip, while even more will be at risk for developing osteoporosis at any site on the skeleton. Osteoporosis, of course, is a condition in which the bones become weak and are more likely to break—especially the bones in the hip, spine and wrist.

It’s that initial breaking of the bone that deeply concerns Dr. Oz, too, and is why he recommends this algae calcium that comes from the shores of South America. “If the joints in your bones are not healthy, you become frail, and frailty is the main reason we die young. Weak and brittle bones can lead to fractures and then death,” Oz explains.

You heard right. Bone fractures can put people on a fast track towards death.

It doesn’t have to be that way, though, and that’s why Oz enthusiastically promotes the use of this amazing algae calcium. “From one of the world’s most powerful anti-aging hot spots, South America, is a way to slow down the aging of your bones. The sea algae in this supplement are loaded with calcium that your body can absorb better. It’s an organic plant-based calcium that does not cause constipation or gas,” he notes. In fact, since the calcium is not made from limestone or rocks (like many other calcium supplements are), it is much easier to digest.

Perhaps what encouraged viewers the most was that strong bone health is within reach and can impact lives for years or even decades to come. To reiterate, Oz confidently pointed out, “This supplement increased bone density after six months,” adding that “supplementing, along with a good bone-strengthening regimen, will keep your bones and body strong, and if you keep your bones strong, you can be walking tall at 90 or 100!”

No wonder he’s called “America’s Doctor.” He keeps bringing a message of hope and health to the masses.


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