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Issue 170: Nature's Beauty Cabinet

Dr Oz: Keep Bones Strong

Do you want some true food for your skin and hair? Then give organic extra virgin coconut oil a try—for many reasons.

First, organic extra virgin coconut oil is free from chemical additives, making it a pure and wholesome oil to put on your skin and hair. Additionally, coconut oil is rich in something called medium chain triglycerides. They are naturally occurring fats which can deeply moisturize the skin and hair and protect them from environmental and free radical damage. What’s more is that coconut oil can screen out about 20 percent of UV rays to naturally help protect you from sun damage.

In short, coconut oil is an excellent skin and hair conditioner and is rich in antioxidants, making it a perfect food for smoothing skin and hair, while infusing them with antioxidants. Speaking of antioxidants. . . coconut oil also contains vitamin E, which is another powerful antioxidant known for its skin health benefits.

You can use coconut oil all over your skin—from head to toe—and it takes only a small amount. You can even use it as an exfoliating facial scrub by mixing equal parts of coconut oil and baking soda and massaging the mixture onto your face. Then rinse with warm water to remove the baking soda residue.

But let’s not forget about these natural beauty effects of coconut oil on the hair.

One study compared coconut oil, mineral oil and sunflower oil for nurturing and conditioning hair, and coconut oil was the only oil among them that reduced protein loss for both damaged and undamaged hair. The study, published in the Journal of Cosmetic Science, said, “These findings clearly indicate the strong impact that coconut oil application has to hair as compared to application of both sunflower and mineral oils. Coconut oil, being a triglyceride of lauric acid, has a high affinity for hair proteins and, because of its low molecular weight and straight linear chain, is able to penetrate inside the hair shaft.”

Interestingly, coconut oil achieved the greatest results when used as a pre-wash treatment since it inhibits the penetration of water into each hair strand. Otherwise, when water infiltrates hair strands, it causes the cuticle—the surface of the hair shaft—to rise, making it more prone to breakage and other damage.

Likewise, when coconut oil is used as a pre-wash treatment, the coconut oil is able to seep deeper into the hair shaft during washing, when the hair fiber swells slightly. This also helps to control and prevent “the frizzies” in humid weather. Additionally, more porous types of hair may find coconut oil especially beneficial.

Coconut oil is, of course, a great addition to your diet, too. It’s known as the world’s healthiest oil and comes from the coconut meat that contains those ultra-healthy medium chain fatty acids such as lauric acid, myristic acid, caprylic acid, palmitic acid and more.

Don’t use just any coconut oil, though, because coconut oils on the market vary dramatically quality-wise. Low-quality coconut oils are processed by chemical extraction, using solvents, or are hydrogenated, bleached and deodorized. A high-quality extra virgin organic coconut oil derived from fresh coconuts with no GMO ingredients, bleaching, deodorizing, refining or hydrogenation is what you want to look for and use.

Truth be told, coconut oil is one of the secrets in nature’s beauty cabinet. Give it a try today!


This information is intended for educational and informational purposes only. It should not be used in place of an individual consultation or examination or replace the advice of your health care professional and should not be relied upon to determine diagnosis or course of treatment.

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